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Teamgenik has a marketplace for mini apps and mini app parts

In Teamgenik, you can buy and sell your own mini apps and mini app parts on the marketplace (Teamgenik MARKET).

However, buying and selling does not mean buying and selling in real currency (US dollar, euro, Japanese yen, renminbi, etc.). Trading with coins, a pseudo-currency that only works within Teamgenik.

You can sell mini apps and parts made with Teamgenik STUDIO with your own price. In addition to sales, you can rent them on a weekly or monthly basis.

 The function to buy and sell mini app parts is incomplete. In addition, a system for renting mini apps and their parts on a weekly and monthly basis is not yet complete. From December 2019, these features will be released sequentially.

In the future, we want to be able to sell mini apps and parts in real currency at Teamgenik MARKET. Maybe around spring 2022.

If this happens, programming hobbyists will be able to earn additional income at Teamgenik MARKET. A popular programmer may be born from Teamgenik.

How to earn coins outside the market

When you first register for an account with Teamgenik, you will receive 10,000 coins. However, if you register as a guest (an account not linked to a Google account), 1,000 coins will be awarded. You will receive the remaining 9,000 coins when you later associate it with your Google account.

When you log in to Teamgenik, a fruit icon is displayed at the top of the screen (navigation bar). This icon is initially drawn in a very light color, but after 10 hours it will be the original color of the fruit. It means that the fruit is ripe.

Clicking (tapping) the fruit icon here will give you a coin depending on the type of fruit. When the fruits are harvested, new (very light colored) fruits appear. After 10 hours, you will be able to harvest the fruit.

Fruits ripen automatically even if you are not logged in to Teamgenik. But to harvest it, you need to click (tap) the fruit yourself.

There are five types of fruit: The number in parentheses indicates the amount of coins given at harvest.

  • Strawberry (10)
  • Banana (20)
  • Apple (30)
  • Grape (50)
  • Cherry (100)

Fruits appear randomly.