8. TeamGenik can be used comfortably on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and all devices

The TeamGenik user interface is optimized for the browser screen width, making it easy to use in any environment, whether in the office, at home, in the city.

Of course, TeamGenik STUDIO, an application creation and development tool, can also be used on smartphones. For example, you can develop a mini app while lying on the bed.

TeamGenik's mini app is multilingual, so if you are interested in languages or abroad, you can use your original mini app to make friends abroad.

Multilingual support

TeamGenik focuses on multilingual support.

As of May 2024, five languages are supported: English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean.

We plan to gradually increase the number of languages supported in the future.

The mini app you create with STUDIO also supports multilingualization. If you set the translation data in each language for the text part to be displayed in the mini app, the mini app display will change according to the user's language settings.