2. create and publish your team's website with TeamGenik

Create an interactive website with embedded mini-applications!

In the second area of TeamGenik, the HUB, you can create and publish your team's own website.

Use it for recruiting members, activity reports, event announcements, etc.

The website supports responsive design. This means that the layout can be optimized to fit the size of your screen. In other words, you can create a website that is easy to view on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

A unique feature of websites created with TeamGenik is the ability to embed "mini-applications.

You can create your own mini apps in the STUDIO area or purchase them in the MARKET area.

Website Builder Features

The tool for creating websites in TeamGenik is called the "Website Builder.

You can edit the HTML template in the editor area on the left and see how the display changes with the size of the screen in the preview area on the right.

A unique feature of TeamGenik Website Builder is that it can be used on smartphones and tablets. This means you can edit your website outdoors or in bed.