TeamGenik roadmap

Preview version (May 2024)

  • Basic functions as a web service (account registration, team creation, member invitation, group management, etc.)
  • Basic functions for creating and developing mini apps (visual design, conditional branching by property values, etc.)
  • Mini app buying and selling function with coins (pseudo currency on site)

Notes on using the preview version

TeamGenik will run as apreviewuntil the release of Version 1.0, scheduled for Summer 2024.

The purpose of publishing this version is to conduct ademonstration experiment, that is, to get a general user to try it out, and to identify issues for practical use.

During the preview version, TeamGenik may be returned to its initial state several times. This means that account, team, group and member information created by users on TeamGenik may bedeleted.

In addition, information on the preview version of TeamGenik willnot be transferredto the official release version of TeamGenik. You will need to start over from acquiring an account.

Beta version (Summer 2024)

  • Database management function (table definition, association, batch data entry by CSV file, etc.)
  • Function to control mini app display according to the results of database queries (list display, pagination, etc.)
  • Function to buy and sell mini app parts with coins (pseudo currency on site)
  • Function to rent mini apps and their parts with coins (pseudo currency on site)

Version 1.0 (Autumn 2024)

  • Mini SNS apps (Chat, Talk, Clip)
  • Simple advertisement distribution function
  • Function to collect membership fees from members with coins (pseudo currency on site)
  • Calendar app
  • TODO app

Version 1.1 (Spring 2025)

  • Public web page creation feature (unique domain + SSL certificate)

Version 2.0 (Autumn 2025)

  • Provision of external API (Cooperation with external web services and IoT devices)
  • The function for multiple teams to organize a federation (league)

Version 3.0 (Summer 2026)

  • Standard mini apps for business (reservation management, inventory management, attendance management, etc.)
  • Settlement function in real currency (US dollar, euro, Japanese yen, etc.)
  • Trafficking and bidding function for paid advertising space