1. Let's create a "space" for your team.

A platform to create a private "space" for you and your friends --- TeamGenik

The TeamGenik world is divided into four main areas.

BASE A place for team management
HUB A place to create and publish web pages with embedded mini-applications
STUDIO A place to create mini apps with no code
MARKET A place to sell and buy mini apps, images, sounds, videos, etc.

BASE is a private "space" for you and your friends.

It has a chat room, bulletin board, and calendar where ou can chat and share information with your team members.

BASE also has a "workspace" where "mini-applications" can be set up and used collaboratively with team members.

Mini Apps are small applications such as survey forms, quizzes, and stamp cards.

You can create your own mini apps in the STUDIO area or purchase them in the MARKET area.

Section heading: So get your TeamGenik ID and try out TeamGenik!

TeamGenik is a free service that runs on advertising revenue, so of course you can get a TeamGenik ID for free. Just click (tap) the "Create New Account" button on the screen and you're done. No credit card is required.

Go ahead, create a team with your friends!