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Play with socials

When you create a team space with Teamgenik, independent social media for you and your friends are born. In Teamgenik, they are called socials.

Speaking of social media, you may think of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Teamspace's Social is a simplified version of them.

In other words, mini Facebook, mini Twitter, and mini Instagram for you and your friends.

A social is a small universe dedicated to your team. Teamgenik is a multiple universe and countless small universes are floating in it. The microcosms are separated and cannot communicate with each other (in principle).

A social is your team's Republic. As a member, who will be accepted in what procedure, what is prohibited? We decide the rules by ourselves and operate them by ourselves.

Isn't it interesting?

Teamgenik has three types of "socials". They are named Chat, Talk, and Clip.

Chat is a chat app that makes your speech disappear in 24 hours. Please use it for greetings, chats, brief business communications (What do you want for lunch?), etc.

Talk is another chat app that can be searched and tagged with records. It is suitable for job requests, event announcements and reports, discussions, and opinions.

Clip is a shared bookmark for web pages. When you find a web page that your team members may be interested in, paste the URL and press the Like button or add a comment.

The functionality of three socials are incomplete yet. When you sign in to Teamgenik, what appears to be three apps, Chat, Talk, and Clip, will be displayed. Posting to the Chat is possible, but the other two are mock and do not respond to clicks such as buttons. Since the spring of 2020, the functions of “socials” will be gradually expanded.

You can customize socials to meet your team's needs.

For example, it can be Chat with a character limit like Twitter. In addition to the Like button, a No way button can be displayed.